Josh and Sarah

I met Josh while traveling Bali together with a 120 other surfers in a group called STN. When I first met this guy he had on a cowboy hat and vest and had the craziest style I have ever seen. After talking to him for a bit, I realized his personality matched his outfit…CRAZY! Needless to say I loved it cuz i’m always drawn to those that aren’t “ordinary”. My fondest memory is walking through the ghettos of Bali with Josh while have a 102. fever trying to find last minute gifts and medicine while being in a daze and escaping prodding street vendors. We decided many years later to meet up in Disneyland and that’s where I met Sarah. Before I met her I knew Sarah had to be different as well in order to captivate Josh and needless to say she was! She was friendly, punchy and very competitive that made her so fun to be around. When they decided to get married and chose me to shoot the wedding, I was enthusiastic because I knew this wedding was gonna be a circus show and by that I mean a actual circus show. There was a blind dog, sarah had multicolored socks with the dopest wedding shoes, rainbow wedding cake, flower girls that were throwing dirt, man on stilts, a fire dancer, and the wedding took place on a helicopter pad….WTF! Needless to say this was a one of a kind wedding that will go into history as one of my all time favorite weddings. The after party was kinda nuts too but unfortunately I am unable to post those pics but if you ask me about it i’ll tell you.