Ben and Linh

Ben and Linh got married in Seattle and I was blessed to shoot it. This wedding took place on a rooftop and it was a gorgeous wedding. I met them once when shooting their engagment photos and from that one moment it was like we were good friends. Linh was a gentle soul and Ben was…..not. LOL Ben was so much fun though and just one of those guys that you would want to party with. During the day I kept looking at the “best woman” (ben’s best man was a girl) and I thought she looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. As the evening went by she approached me and said “Hey Neighbor”! IT was then that I realized that she was a neighbor from a house I used to live in. It was times like that where I realize the world truly is small and how different it is to see someone when they are among friends then when they are just passing by. They closed the night off after being severely intoxicated/exhausted with some sparklers which I am always a big fan of. All in all it was fun/drunk/beautiful wedding I am glad to have been chosen to shoot it but more importantly i’m now glad to call of them friends.