Brittany and Stephen/ Halona Blowhole Wedding

This is what I got into photography for. The adventures. Brittany contacted me and told me they were gonna have a small intimate wedding at the Halona Blowhole and I knew right away that we were the right fit. The hidden path that was right off a curving road and led to a rocky path that you had to navigate like a mountain goat but the view and privacy of the beach made every unsure step so worth it. They had a simple isle with their wedding date on the top made with white rocks which naturally contrasted against the beautiful lava rock. Such a simple idea but it worked beautifully. The sunset slowly as the waves crashed against the rocks, opposite but complimenting the quiet scene that unfolded in front of their guest and 2 awesome dogs. The Spray from the water dissipated, creating a mist that seemed to surround them and separate them from any prying onlookers. These moments where I get to witness time simply stop and the island seems to create a harmony between nature and human is why I love shooting weddings in Hawaii.


halona blowhole halona blowhole
halona blowhole