Kai Y
  • Kai Y

  • At our wedding, Keoni and his team were all courteous professionals. His team demonstrated the perfect mixture of laid back, fun, and directive. The picture I am trying to paint is that when you work with Kpix, you work with individuals who not only capture your wedding day but enrich the entire experience.

    Now let me say something about Keoni. In the midst of the wedding, while we were focused on taking some pictures, there were moments where we were just joking around and looking at random scenic backdrops and all of sudden Keoni had an idea for a shot that was simply genius. It was amazing to see such an artistic and talented individual at work. This story exemplifies what it is like to work with Keoni. In addition to the classic portraits, he gets those shotsthat every bride and groom dreams of - the ones that capture the moment, the emotion, and preserves everything about that memory in a single frame

sarah w
  • sarah w

  • When I saw Keoni's photography his style and originally was what caught my eye! I love great quality photography with a contemporary look. I felt his photos depicted grace and style as well. He was easy to work with and his prices were very reasonable. He also was a great listener when I asked for certain requests and he went with the ideas that I had as well which we greatly appreciated.

    See... I feel when you are looking at photography and especially a wedding...You really want to feel a story behind the moment and truly treasure it. When friends and family looked at my wedding photos I think they were moved by how Keoni used the natural lighting and scenery which truly captured the highlights during our wedding at the Hale Koa. I actually think now looking back upon that day and evening that the photos have been the best memories from our entire wedding! Trust me, you want to have great photos to remember the event because it goes by in a blink of an eye.

Kristen K
  • Kristen K

  • We chose Keoni as our wedding photographer based on his stellar reviews, reasonable price, and high quality photos. I found that a lot of Hawaii wedding photography was too expensive and/or too cheesy, but his photos looked authentic and impressive. I liked that his photos showed variety, which led me to believe he took care to adapt his photography to the place and people around him. He did not disappoint.

    Keoni not only took beautiful photos of our special day, he was down to earth and fun to be around. He and his second photographer were focused and professional while making us feel comfortable. Even though they were snapping away like crazy, they were quite stealth about it and never felt burdensome at all. Keoni was receptive to my few requests, but I trusted his skills. He mostly captured the day authentically as it happened, which is what we really wanted.