10 things to think about before your wedding day

Do me a favor and think about your special day……
Many couples think about their wedding day and they think about the fun, the joy, the kisses, family and friends, and the laughter. Couples want their day to go smooth without feeling rushed and being able to spend the day together with the friends and family they worked hard to gather for that one moment


many times their will be issues that will arise that they might not ever have thought about. It’s always good to think about the what if’s and get them solved before the wedding day. As a Professional photographer I see the same issues that many couples miss.

Most of these problems I see arise all stem from one issue…NOT ENOUGH TIME

  1. The MUA artist needs a little more time than anticipated.
    A Good idea is to have 45-60 min of extra time between when the MUA will be estimated finished until the ceremony. I have seen the MUA many of times need more time because various reasons  so it’s always good to have extra time because you don’t want to be stressed out before the ceremony.
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  2. The couple need to drive to the ceremony site but don’t account for the time it takes to gather up all their belongings, wedding party, and family.
    As much as you love your friends and family there will be times where they will not be on the same page as you. I know many of my friends have extreme ADD but that’s what makes your friends/family special. A great idea is to make a checklist of all the things you will need before the ceremony (i.e. rings, garter, flowers, comfortable shoes, tissue, makeup kit, room key, phone for those selfies lol).  Of course it also helps to have 45-60 min of extra time especially for bridesmaids 😉
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  3. The men have no idea how to put on a boutonniere
    This isn’t a big issue but it’s one of the only issues I see the groomsmen having. Learning it before will not only help speed the process up but it’s a great way to make the Groom look like the hero
    Here is a link to how it’s done. Skip to the 1:10 min mark
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0n3x7gani0groom (7)
  4. Hawaii TRAFFIC
    My blood pressure almost goes up just writing about this. Hawaii traffic is notoriously bad and if you aren’t familiar with it yet…you will be. Road work is almost constant. Many couples don’t factor this in when there is any sort of driving involved. Generally traffic is bad between 7am-9:30 am, 12-1pm, 3-6pm. So if you are driving or have guest driving between that time, allow 15-20min extra time for traffic.
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  5. Couple wants to do family portraits BEFORE the ceremony but there are family members missing
    A lot of times couples want to do family portraits before the ceremony. This is a great idea if you have a smaller family. If you have more then 6 be wary. Again traffic this is where traffic might factor in or perhaps they just overslept. I try to have family portraits directly after the ceremony OR immediate family are photographed before the ceremony and the larger family after the ceremony.wedding party (9)
  6. Couple wants to do family portraits AFTER the ceremony but they aren’t sure which family members needs to be there
    A great idea is to make a list of all the family members/ friends you want to shoot with and then have your LOUD (aunty,Uncle,sister,cousin) to gather them. We all have one.
    Or have the microphone ready.
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  7. The ground is wet/soft and the heels sink in
    Brides and bridesmaids will always need this especially in Hawaii. Many times the ground is soft due to wetness or sand. Heel stoppers help or Soulmates. Brides it’s a great way to be the hero.
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  8. The ceremony is in the middle of the day and everyone is dying from the heat
    If you can’t have the ceremony earlier or later in the day (10am or around 4-5pm). It’s great idea to have umbrellas or hand fans ready for the guest.
  9. The ceremony is at sunset and the sun is right in the guest face
    Great alternative is to have it before the sunset and then doing couple portraits during sunset. If you want the ceremony during the sunset, position the ceremony so that the sunset is happening at a 90 degree angle to the ceremony.
  10. They want to greet and take pictures with everyone at the reception but don’t have enough time.
    Guest will want to talk and take selfies 90% of the time. A great idea is to allow 30-40min extra time depending on the guest count. Another great alternative if you have a buffet is to have everyone greet you before they are allowed to stand in line.Hiring a good wedding photographer or wedding coordinator will help you with all these issues. Here at Kpix, I will always personally help you with any of these issues or smaller problems that might arise. A lot of people can take great photographs but it’s when everything doesn’t go smooth that a pro photographer shines.
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