When I first met Jake and Jasmine I knew that they were gonna be fun. I asked them to tell me one interesting fact about them and this was their reply

Jake: I grew up in the forest!
Jasmine: I captured cats to neuter/spay on my high schools campus!

How could you not love those response?

They met during Jasmine’s first week in pharmacy school at USC through a mutual friend at a party hosted by one of the organizations at school and soon they started dating. It was when Jake heard her uncontrollable laughter that he knew she was the one and during the whole wedding day I saw what he meant, she has such a exuberant spirit and seemed to laugh every 5 min that it was infectious. In fact as I was going through the photos, it hit me that I don’t think I ever captured so many photos of a bride laughing before Jasmine! Props to you Jasmine. They had their wedding ceremony at Kamehameha’s wedding chapel because Jasmine was pretty much raised at Kamehameha and where she neutered all those poor cats!  The reception was at TurtleBay and  everything was decorated black and white which I think was the first for me as well. So congratulations to the awesome couple for being my first 2x!

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