I got to spend a couple days with Kim and Will as well as all their friends at Moana Surfrider and then and it was a amazing time. I got to ask them a couple questions before the wedding.

How did you first meet? 

We met in the most romantic of fashions… at a pool party in Las Vegas. William was at a bachelor party and I was on a girl’s weekend trip. My best friend Emily saw William in searsucker board shorts and knew she had to facilitate a meeting. Two years of long distance dating LA–>NY, a cross country move, and a puppy, here we are!

What is your favorite activity to do as a couple?

Cook, take our golden retriever puppy for walks on the beach

Tell us one interesting fact about each of you?

William has very particular food preferences. Kim only had 3 wisdom teeth.

what do you hope your wedding will be?

Low key, full of love, and fun! No stress, no drama, just easy and comfortable.

Well I can confirm that it was full of love, run, no stress (except when will forgot the keycode to his safe which had the key in it…He got it out). It was a perfect day and all though there was a lot going on it was super easy going and everything just worked out great.

Wedding Planners/ Aloha Wedding Planners
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Recpetion/ The Beachhouse Resaurant and Rumfire Bar
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